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happy 25th, guys


覚醒落書き4 by へたのヨコスキー 

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Evolution of Smash Bros. menu screens ⊟

Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai presented this first look at the upcoming 3DS game’s main menu, noting, “The icons are even animated. The design concept may look similar if you’ve played other games I’ve worked on.”

With that comment and all these screenshots conveniently provided in this NeoGAF thread, it seemed like a fine time to compare the menu screens for (from top to bottom) Super Smash Bros., Melee, Brawl, and the 3DS game. I also threw in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Meteos, and Kirby Air Ride — all titles Sakurai also directed.

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fun fact: all these menus were designed by Michiko Sakurai, a longtime HAL / Sora employee and Masahiro Sakurai’s wife!



The Mother series and its battle system throughout the years. Happy 25th anniversary you magnificent series!